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Frederick County, Maryland

Quality Residential & Commercial Sod in Frederick County, MD

Lochland AG & Turf is a trusted grower of quality wholesale & retail turf grass sod in Walkersville, MD. We serve all of Mid-Maryland, Southern PA, Eastern WV, and Northern VA with quality freshly grown sod, seed and supplies to homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and more.

Locally-Grown Sod in Frederick County

Quality Sod for Residential & Commercial Clients

Lochland AG & Turf is proud to offer quality Residential & Commercial Sod in Frederick County, MD and surrounding areas. We serve Central MD, South-Central PA and Eastern WV. Our family-owned sod farm provides fresh-cut sod from our Frederick County farm to your yard, commercial project, golf course or sports field.

Lochland AG & Turf’s sod is 90% tall fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass and a University of Maryland approved variety.

Tall fescue is hardy and drought resistant, while Kentucky Bluegrass is a soft fine blade grass that fills in bare spots.

  • Fresh Cut-to-Order High-Quality Sod

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  • Grass Seed Available

Family-Owned & Operated Sod Farm in Walkersville MD

Lochland Turf is Owned and Operated by a Fifth-Generation Dairy and Crop Farmer. We provide Residential & Commercial Sod in Frederick County, MD. Lochland serves homeowners and businesses in Central Maryland, South-Central Pennsylvania, and Eastern West Virginia.

Reasons to Sod

Whether your goal is a fuller looking lawn or durable grass for a sports field or park, sod is a great choice for many reasons. Lochland AG & Turf provides clear and upfront pricing, and is here to help with all residential and commercial sod projects, big and small.

Sod Tips

From soil preparation to installation and maintenance, Lochland AG & Turf is committed to helping you achieve success in your sod project. Check out our FAQs for some commonly asked questions or give us a call to speak to a sod professional.

Pickup & Delivery

As a family-owned and operated sod farm, Lochland AG & Turf provides the highest level of personal service and the freshest sod to all of our customers. We invite you to pick up sod from our sod farm in beautiful Frederick County, MD, and offer sod delivery within 60 miles in MD, PA, VA & WV.

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Contact Lochland AG & Turf for quality Residential & Commercial Sod in Frederick County MD and surrounding areas. Get a FREE estimate on your next sod project. We welcome you to pick up your sod or will gladly deliver it to you within 60 miles of our sod farm in Walkersville MD. We serve all of Frederick County, MD, Central Maryland, Southern PA, Northern VA, and Eastern WV.